Return Policy and Terms of Use

  • Your access to the Karsan vehicles document pack shall be granted upon your payment of access fee with your credit card and shall end after 72 hours.
  • The access fee shall be non-refundable once paid.
  • Karsan vehicle document pack is provided for your use only. Duplication of the document pack is not allowed in any format whatsoever.
  • Karsan vehicle document pack is confidential. The disclosure of the document pack and the information therein is prohibited.
  • All the intellectual property rights related to the Karsan vehicle document pack and the information therein belongs to Karsan. Your right to access the Karsan vehicle document pack shall not be deemed as a transfer of Karsan's intellectual property rights.
  • Karsan shall not responsible for the repairs and maintenance services you provide by using the Karsan vehicle document pack. In this regard, you shall be obliged to keep Karsan harnless and indemnify for the costs Karsan will have incurred.
  • All the disputes between company and yourself related to the use of the Karsan vehicle document pack shall be finally settled by the courts and execution offices of Istanbul in accordance with the laws of Turkey.
  • An official request to access maintenance and repair records for Karsan vehicle must be made by sending it to the following address: karsan@karsan.com.tr After analysing your request, Karsan will contact you with details of the means of accessing the Karsan Aftersales site where appropriate.

Using this web application will mean that you have read the conditions hereof and hereby you agree with all conditions mentioned here.